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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Court Of Last Resort- The Conrad Murray Case

Okay, here is where the weird gets a whole lot weirder.

There is an old TV show by the name of "The Court Of Last Resort"
All credit for this find goes to THINKerbelle who posted about this on MJA.

The Court Of Last Resort
"The Court of Last Resort was founded by Erle Stanley Gardner in the 1950s. The team sought to reveal whether someone already found guilty might really be innocent. The show dramatized the original crime then followed the investigation. Actual cases were used "

The show was about a team of investigators visiting old cases in which people where found guilty and sent to
jail, to try and prove them innocent.
One of the episodes happened to be tittled "The Conrad Murray Case"
and the actor who played Conrad Murray was in a TV show called "Thriller"
and anouther one called "This Is It".
I don't know if this has to do with anything, but it sure is strange.

UPDATE 2/15 by SeeingClues: You can watch it here! (great find TAM!) :


  1. Thank god the voice of reason is back. I was ever so fearful you had gone and as a long time reader ( 7 months) and along time admirer I am glad you decided to continue your blog.Happy Valentine's day !!!

  2. Im glad you're back....

  3. Thank you Diana Jean. These coincidences are AMAZING. Great investigating on your part!!

  4. Diana Jean, the actor who played Conrad Murray in this old TV show, does anyone know what his name is? It would be interesting to find out more about this!

  5. oh my gosh, that's interesting...

  6. Delightful news!


  7. Actor: Playing Conrad Murray is Vaughn Taylor

  8. wow the hole Vaughn Taylor Filmography is weird
    thanx for this !

  9. here is the link to see the Court of Last Resort - Murray Case

  10. So... I just finished watching The Conrad Murray Case. Part of the episode centers on how the local newspaper is trying to portray Conrad Murray in a negative light; they want him to be denied parole, even after the son of the people he murdered says that he doesn't care any more. The media is determined to come out against him, despite the evidence that he is actually rehabilitated because they believe that is what the public wants. This could all be a coincidence, but a media outlet being more interested in what will sell than what is right seems like a familiar theme, doesn't it?

    annabel :)

  11. SeeingClues, Welcome back! Diana Jean, Welcome, regarding "The Conrad Murray Case", the character was actually guilty of murder. The episode was not about trying to find him innocent. It was about his rehabilitation back into society. Maybe other episodes were with that aim, I don't know, but there was no doubt that CM in this show had committed the crime.

  12. wtf? omfg ? thats too weirD?
    and look :

    This Is It -MICHAEL- shyane ...weird?

  13. Whoa! I did not read about this untill now ! The 7th episode: Conrad Murray Case. That is just too weird.. I bet MJ has watched this show once.
    seeingclues.. you are so unbelievably good!!

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