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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kenny Ortega - "We're All Still Very Close"

Below is a recent interview of Kenny Ortega on Sky News in conjunction with the DVD release:

While somewhat avoiding the question regarding Michael's health, he says that Michael hoped to do even more touring after London.

When asked how much it hurts, and how much he misses him, it sounds by the way Kenny is talking that everyone is still together.
"We're all still very close"
"It's continuous, and will be for a while, I'm certain".

Let's see how long this does continue...


  1. Thanks for this SeeingClues. To me he seems nervous and almost like he's hiding something. He's very careful not to say anything incriminating.

  2. Yes very strange the way he acts avoiding the question..

  3. Kenny says its been almost a year that Michael contacted them to do this...this April would be a year... he doesnt say its been tough without Michael and I miss him. It sounds like Kenny from the beginning is the one who knows MJ planned this movie for his EXIT. Kenny seems very happy all the time, especially at MJ's Memorial, never did I see a hint of missing Michael.

    At the burial, Kenny was still acting like he was directing the ushers, smiling away. I believe Kenny knows MJ is not dead, thats why he's so happy ! And he knew him, we never met Michael and we are the ones who are sad.

  4. I think by saying that they are still very close and will be for a while he means the whole crew that worked together at the project...

  5. Yes, I think he's talking about the the crew, but he's so nervous and evasive IMO. I agree he never really seems that sad about Michael. Makes me think something else is going on, but I could be wrong.

  6. Obviously Kenny is avoiding direct answers.
    He refrains himself from answering, it's clear.
    He is not sincere, because what he says is not the normal reaction to those legitimate questions. His reaction is controled, imposed, not spontaneous.

  7. This is true!
    I did not see sadness in Kenny at anytime.
    And too not see in anyone family sad.
    This seems me very strange.
    Who really are suffering we the fans.
    Because we do not know where he is.