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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Murray,The Masons, LAFD, and Smart Phones

Here is a recent photo of Dr. Murray reporting to work, not letting the court appearance affect his daily life. As you can see, he is proudly sporting what appears to be a Freemason pin:

And not just any pin, but it resembles the LAFD Mason pin:

Check out


Is Murray somehow connected to the Los Angeles Fire Dept via the Masons??? The pin that resembles the one Dr. Murray is wearing has the word "fire" on it.

UPDATE: Just finished tweeting with the LAFD. They said:

So it is a Mason pin but LAFD says it has nothing to do with them and that neither Dr. Murray nor "the departed" did anything to influence them.

They tweeted me immediately after I posted this blog article:

Altogether they tweeted me 5 times. I did not initiate the tweet discussion; they somehow immediately got wind of this blog post. A couple of the tweets were about how the fans are bombarding them and their small staff is very busy. I felt honored as they were tweeting me since they stressed how busy they were.

I felt that while I had them though I'd ask about the ambulance photo and they replied:

So now I really should feel honored because being that they are busy, and my conspiracy theories have caused a burden, they with all that have extended an invitation for me to stop by and visit them. Hmmm...

UPDATE 2/21: Is Dr. Murray holding a "smart phone" in his hand?


  1. Don't go. They probably want to get a very good description of you for future reference.

  2. Exciting, has 'warning' written all over it. I would not go either. If you do, good luck mate.

  3. That would be so uncanny that a "doctor" of his "status" would not have a phone to send messages on the net, via facebook, twitter, etc...

    I can't believe this.

  4. As a target of 'organized stalking' myself, I sincerely suggest you don't go to there. Yes they will get your description, and put you on a 'list' to be followed and harassed for the rest of your life. Good site.

  5. SeeingClues... you are awesome! This is very curious that Murray would be wearing that pin. Maybe we're being mocked in aome way?? And I agree with the other comments... don't visit the LAFD!

  6. But, but...his lawyer said Murray doesn't have a smart phone LOL

  7. About firefighters, please notice that Kenny tweeted months ago about firefighters, Dave Dave is a burnt victim and even the Pepsi video was released for the first time after MJ's "death" (and either it was released by Pepsi or by MJ - and I don't think that it came from Pepsi).

  8. I have a pic of Murray taken by his lawyers last year of him proudly wearing a freemason necklace. Al sharpton is a top high ranking freemason too. Great topics, keep it up!

  9. Keep up the good work,But please don't go to the lafd please they r all in this together.your safety come first.mj fans stick together