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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The" MJ" of The 17th Century

Well we have said that MJ was timeless...there has even been comparisons of him and this ancient Egyptian statue:

But it gets more interesting. Let's now move to the 17th century. There was a painter by the name of Barent Fabritius. He created a painting entitled ‘A Portrait of a Young Man’, painted around 1650. This one is even more striking than the Egyptian image:

So what is the point? None really, just an interesting diversion to complement the thought that MJ truly is a reflection of past, present, and perhaps..the future...


  1. Hi SC.

    Don't know why, but the 1650 painting seems very fake to me. Don't know why. It's a feeling - and I also speak out of some certain knowledge, when it comes to Art works. And to me it's very exiting actually, even though you pointed out that there might be no point. ;-)

    The painting is supposed to be at the Frankfurter Städel-Museum. I searched their website and I just couldn't find the picture. I found that strange. I searched for 'Barent Fabritius' without any luck.

    Artist Collection: at No Barent Fabricius.

    Index of portraits: Again no Barent Fabricius paintings.

    And going through the dutch collection, I can't find Barent Fabritius either. Not even his brother Carel Fabritius is represented on the web. He was in fact the most successful of the two brothers being one of Rembrandts most gifted pupils. (And Fabricius very interesting is a name selfmade from the latin word 'faber' meaning 'craft' my Art book told me)

    The interesting thing for me right now is, where the picture popped up in the first place. In the german tabloid trash 'Das Bild' - calling Michael Jacko?
    I'm not able to enter the Scholars Resource site either.

    Interesting that the picture - whatever it might be - occurs in public the same week Brian Oxman tells us Michaels ambulance photo is a fake. Am I right? Lots of MJ paraphrases circulating faster than you can say *BEAT IT*. Yehaa!

    Again lots of L.O.V.E. and THANKS for you fabulous ongoing work.

    Judith (BeLIEves/is_me) :-)


  2. Judith, the photo of the painting was not made publicly as late as when Brian Oxman confirmed Michaels ambulance photo fake. This painting has been floating around the media ever since Michael 'passed' after June 25th, I think I recall seeing it in the news like few weeks after June 25th. So yeah, its not news but nonetheless interesting why it was released just after he 'died'.

  3. OK. Thanks for telling me. Odd these news haven't hit me way before. :-)


  4. He's here! At the bottom of page 1.

    Or here:

    If those don't work, just google 'Portrait of a Young Man Barent Fabritius'

  5. Also in a YouTube from July 22, 2009

  6. but where is the portrait now? Where can i see it? thanks

  7. Michael has had many past lives...Here we are seeing two of them. How wonderful Thank you for posting this SeeingClues.♥