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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sign Language for "He's alive"?

Missyb007 posted this on MJDHI

Watch this Video, around 4:10 the lady doing signs the words "He's Alive".

Play close attenchen to the sign she makes.

Now, here's a video from Michael's memorial.

At 1:22 and 1:54 Are they signing "He's alive"?

In words of SeeingClues:  " We decide...""


  1. Hey guys,

    I checked it out, and they do not appear to sign "alive"....@ 1:22, in fact, even though there is a slight variation from American Sign Language (ASL), all the dancers appear to be signing "lead", the variation being that they make a fist with their left hand (thumb up), and their right hand (also with thumb up), join the two in what appears to be a fist bump and draw both hands away from the body(LEAD from the body) into the air to the right.

    While the ASL version is to make a horizontal L with the left hand and use the right hand to tug(LEAD) the left hand to the right and away from the body.

    If they were signing alive, both hands wld make a horizontal L (thumbs pointing up) and wld follow the line of the body from the belly up to the chest- not away from the body. Check out my post on the this forum for the screen grabs from the WYBT performance and video from the ASL website:


  2. Congrats, Diana Jean! I`ll stay tuned here ...