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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Issue With The Ambulance Photo

Oftentimes we need to go back and revisit those items that we have researched many times before. Brian Oxman exclaimed that the "ambulance photo was a fake" and provided "proof" via photoshop comparisons. Since there are more than one "ambulance photo" shot milliseconds apart, it would serve to prove that the photo wasn't photoshopped, and the only chance for it to be a "fake" is if the person in the photo was a double or a mannequin.

For example, take a look at these two shots:

The odds of this being a "photoshop" are significantly reduced due to the issue of there being multiple shots...would they photoshop multiple images? Most likely, not.

But the question still remains is that the image of MJ in the ambulance looks nothing like the 2009 Michael Jackson. In fact, it looks more like Navi without makeup in 2009:

I'm not implying it WAS Navi or one of the "doubles" in the ambulance, but you have to admit that he makes a better fit than the 2009 MJ:

Note that it was Navi who admits to have gotten a call to do some "visuals" for This Is It, and he's worked as a decoy but "can't talk about it" (start at 1:23):
If anything, this serves to make anyone wonder - who really was it in the ambulance in June 2009? Someone with darker skin than MJ in 2009...there are many possibilities; only one is the truth.


  1. Thanks SC. I guess the pics could be Navi, but the eyebrows and sideburns are very different in comparison here. Could they still be photoshopped, even though there's more than one?? Could MJ have posed for the pics?? It's been said MJ was gone long before the paramedics got there. He just doesn't look "gone" to me in these pics...

  2. @Anonymous I agree, so that is why we are looking at all possibilities, and even ones we haven't looked at before. You can also say that MJ 2009 doesn't have those overgrown sideburns either, so the entire photo is a mystery.

  3. It's not Navi in the ambulance SC's..The eyebrows are totally different..It's Mike alright..But when did he pose for the photo's?
    You are correct in saying that the Mike in the ambulance looks different to the Mike we were seeing in '09..The ambulance Mike looks younger.
    Like a nineties version Mike..I don't know if we will ever get to the bottom of this mystery but one things for sure that ambulance photo is a fake.

  4. @Anonymous Eyebrows can be altered to look more like the person you are trying to emulate. Note that the comparison photo is Navi without any "MJ" makeup. Again, I'm not saying it's Navi or one of the other impersonators. It does look like an MJ of a younger era, but as we know, one of those wasn't walking around in June 2009. So we investigate. The big picture of what I'm saying is showing how different MJ in 2009 looked compared to his own ambulance photo, and tandem with the multiple shots being taken to lean towards it being an actual photograph of something, we just need to figure out what.

  5. SC, you are amazing!
    Ok, First these pictures are hard to look at, but that is an entirely different story.
    I agree they don't look like Michael in 2009. They do look like a younger era, however I am not sure if they could be Navi,I guess anything is possible. I do believe it is a real photo, and it is a real person. But Who?
    I have looked at these for a long time, and I think they look like someone that few have seen, if at all.
    As far as what the truth is, only one person really knows that, and he is in control of it all. And I have faith in him to do what is best for him!
    I can only hope we know the truth soon, and until then we just need to keep our eyes wide open, keep searching for the truth, and be patient.

  6. Great work SC. You're right the pic doesn't look like 2009 MJ. And remember the pics of him trying on his concert clothes, supposedly a week before he died? In those pics he looks EXTREMELY thin. Do you know the ones I'm referring to?? Maybe you could post a comparison with those. In the ambulance pic he seems to be a much healthier weight. How can a person change so much in a week?

  7. I don't know. Navi doesn't resemble MJ that closely to me. E'cas on the other hand, (WITH the make-up of cos!) does a better job, I feel. And even if the guy at the O2 arena seemed high, so strangely 'hard' & so gawky/cocky (unlike soft, graceful MJ that we are so used to), some of the little things (mannerisms like the 'eyebrow raise' etc), were so MJ. Damn, that one is still so confusing!

    Not sure if the famous ambulance shot was fake or not (cos I can understand Brian Oxman making that state at the family's request, for whatever reason), but the one thing we can ALL agree on is that the photo MOST DEFINITLY DID NOT match image of 2009 Michael Jackson!!! So, unless he morphed back in time (cos even plastic surgery could not have done that! sorry if this is a sore subject with some), the question still remains; was it a dummy or an impersonator/lookalike??? And very convenient that this pic came in to surface too. So, now if only we can figure out the TRUE PURPOSE behind the picture, that will be like the WHOLE 'mystery' solved...

    Good luck to ALL of us & let's keep holding onto HOPE always! :)

    Much L.O.V.E,

  8. Actually, to me those "more" photos (sorry but dunno how many ambu pics are there, I think I saw 2 or 3) are almost identical. I would say (unless there another less similar one), that 1 from that 3 is the master copy and the rest was created from that 1, mainly by cropping the picture (photoshoped or with a double in there, also could be Mike faking it, but since I have a very similar photo of him from the early 90's, only from the front I'll go with photoshoped, I'm pretty sure they made a side shot of him, maybe in the exact same second when my pic was made since it's from a recorded concert)

  9. i hope the whole mistery be solved soon and we find the truth, lest keep the faith always. L.OV.E.

  10. Good Job,

    But there are a lot more clues you are missing. Yes, mention Michael...But there are ten items you did not mention.


  11. The photo is completely false because if you analyze the 2 videos of the exit of the ambulance of the house of Michael (paparazzi and tourists) tells you that they could not take the photo with flash not even. The photo of the ambulance is Michael but of previous years when faint in a concert.

  12. Alright, here goes again, because I am in the field of what we are discussing, doubles are not that unusual, to put a royalty or european spin on it, wealthy royalty always had doubles, this is common knowledge outside of America, stand in's for photos, public appearances etc. you get the idea. Since Michael was taken with royalty and rightly so, he would know this about history, the double thing. Many in history even "staged" death in order to live "normal" lives, Michael was entitled to this, especially since he had children. I have no problem at all seeing how this all unfolded, oh and by the way it is not unlawful to stage one's own death, if there is no insurance payoffs and no tombstone markers declaring dates, kind of interesting tisn't it? Let's just say I know about such things and let it be like that. I have tremendous love for Michael and I totally understand how he had to live and the need for privacy, I also know the loneliness which fame costs, but wanting so much to be close to someone. To live like this is something most people donot comprehend nor do they want to give what it takes to be there for everyone else but yourself. There are going to be even more huge surprises coming!Thank you