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Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Connect The Dots, Fool!"

Could this be what they are telling us? On March 4th, TMZ posted an article containing Jermaine's response to the stun gun incident, and the title was, "Connect The Dots". At the time, it was somewhat of an odd title for the post.

And before then, back in October 2009, TMZ posted an article about a letter that Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to the California State Assembly, after being heckled at an event. A not-so-nice message goes down the side of the letter - Arnold's rep said it was "just a coincidence":

So that takes us to more recent news. On 3/28, News of The World posts an article about how MJ was almost "brought back from the dead":

In the article, with points bulleted with large DOTS, it states that documents revealed Dr. Murray:

If you "Connect The Dots", it spells out the word "FOOL". Prop, Fool anyone? (I mean..Propofol...)

Special thanks to a reader, "Bernadette" who suggested this topic.


  1. Holy crap! Good find! TMZ are (and have always been) very fishy to me. Are they just yanking our chains or are they really in on this hoax? Hmmm.

    i see its getting more and more intersting! indeed.
    wow thanks so much
    yeah its really odd of tmz to say 'connect the dots'
    btw i think its weird that you can revive someone when he was already 'dead' for a long time.. like they say.

    i love your blogposts :)

  3. Hi SC
    thanks for posting this so fast !
    You're doing a great job with this amazing Blog !! we must keep in mind those DOTS

    just like Michael alway's say for the L.O.V.E fot the love he also said that so clear in TII

    much love and thank you for the post
    Bernadette (Detje)

  4. Interesting!!!
    I wonder if there are any other articles with dots to be connected! :)
    Great job (as usual!)

  5. Thanks SC... very intresting! I hope TMZ isn't just fooling with us. :(

  6. Thank you for your insight, Bernadette. And thanks for posting, SC. Not to sound like a parrot, but this really is very interesting.

  7. Intriguing.

    This just keeps getting better and better.
    Thank you, SC! You're doing a wonderful job! :)

    Much LOVE,

  8. thanks Annabel when i find more i will contact SC ofcourse so that many people can read it don't want to keep important things for myself we are all fans so we all want to now and i love to share it ;-){{hug}}

    Bernadette (Detje)

  9. It's extremely interesting, and I won't be able to read an article the 'average way' anymore! ;-)

    The F-O-O-L is a great find! We need to search also through old articles. And MJ spelling L-O-V-E maybe hinted us to to these exact 'investigations' - and dig deeper every where.

    WELL, i 'googled' "F-O-O-L" and found a wiki page of the 'fool tarot card'. :-) Lots of symbolism info, and some very interesting sentences from the website.
    I quote:

    "The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or 'crazy wisdom'. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty." -> RINGS A BELL?

    Thanks for sharing Bernadette - and for blogging it, SC!!


  10. OK, I'm back... pushing the limits. But I found something funny and COINCIDENTAL.

    'LOVE FOOL' is a song by the Cardigans. (1996)

    I just watched their music video and being a believer I just felt how I can read clues into anything! ;-)

    In the video there's annoying press people and news papers writing about a man feared dead on sea, but who's very much alive living on a lonely island and writing his beloved girlfriend a latter posted in a golden bottle saying 'I LOVE YOU'. (Actually almost looks like the picture you, SC, shared with us on Twit-pic today or yesterday - the 'brown' MJ-letter)

    Try for yourself:


  11. SC, BRAVO, this is MOST DEFINITELY the FUNNIEST, MOST UPLIFTING & overall, the BEST MJ hoax-related article I've read since the beginning of 2010!!!

    I remain hooked on this site since the day I discovered it :)



  12. It's very interesting, even if it's a long shot
    But I must admit this title "Connect the dots" was intriguing from the beginning.
    I saw it as a methaphore telling us to make the connections between the facts we know.

  13. Very interesting find, SC!

  14. Great Job!!! :-)

  15. I love your blog SC and this TMZ doozie is just such a fantastic example of what has been going on the last 9 many more things will we see like this in the press in the coming days I wonder??

    Much love

  16. And this is why I follow you. Thanks!

  17. SC,I notice a certain "T.S" has taken a shine to this page as well.Curious person.Do you happen to know more about him/her?So,SC,ever thought of doing a post on "This is also it"?:)
    With L.O.V.E of cos;)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. @Anon correction - I did mention TIAI briefly in my "BAM - 5Brosenterprises" post. But I have not done any detailed analysis; there already has been very detailed threads about it.

  20. Michael Jackson is alive!

  21. Sigan investigando.Excelente trabajo!!!

  22. Cute - this is not the first place I've seen verticle spelling of words in following clues pertaining to the hoax - - the videos put out on youtube channel LastSevenWords has used this method for the "BELIEVE". I've even used it - it is taught in school as a means to write poems - I forget at the moment the "name" given to this kind of writing - but SC really cool find - you are not a FOOL - LOL -