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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Usher's "Man In The Mirror"

Usher has a very interesting CD cover forthcoming for his new album Raymond vs. Raymond which contains some interesting visuals...

There appears to be a hidden "Man In The Mirror" within the smokiness of the mirror image:

There also appears to be lettering or a drawing below the arrow coming from the "H" in Usher.

Additional examination reveals that the font used in the letters of Usher's cover is the same font used in the This Is It movie poster:

This CD was originally due to be released late 2009, but had been delayed. A representative of Usher's told MTV: "The release of Usher's next album, Raymond vs. Raymond, has been delayed because we believe that the album is so strong that we want to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup before coming out"

Timing is everything...


  1. very interesting...Usher has always regarded michael as an inspiration and a friend so I can see why he would do a album cover similiar..its a good clue...

  2. There is also a play on the word mirror with the images with 2 Ushers and the mirror image of his name...this could be indicative of multiple personalities...mirror imaging in popular culture to represent mutliple peronalities or entities is not new. A current example is Beyonce's Sweet Dreams...

    P.S- I dnt see an image in the smoke @_@


  3. Very interesting...the effect imposed by the strategic "V" shaped 'crystalline' "inverted pyramid" on the H that creates the "illusion of a "M" there too ;) My head is reeling from the possibilities from the clever use of (& the repetition of) symbolic 'ideas'.
    The "double effect" is also quite "striking" :P Not to mention our smokey "man in the mirror" there! :)))
    Well done, SC, for repeatedly demonstrating to us that the answers come to those who seek them. Very inspiring, thank you.
    Courage, Faith & patience, my sister BeLIEvers; it's all about "smoke & mirrors"...
    Have a GREAT day & MUCH L.O.V.E,

  4. Oh I see the man in the mirror image. Just look beyond the apparent smoke. He is there.

    Could Usher be simply saying Michael is the inspiration behind his music? Or maybe, instead, that Michael has been right in front of our eyes all the time? If we would only just take a closer look and see beyond the obvious and the maddness. I don't know. But I think there are clues we see and clues we are blind too.

  5. Smoke and Mirrors again... And I "see" MJ in the smoke...
    Also, the sign under the "H" in USHER, reminds me of the letter "V" (as in V for Vendetta).

  6. I can see the image in the smoke, however it took me a while to see it.
    As far as something under the H's I don't see it. I always have a hard time seeing the hidden things.

    When this is all said and done I think we will all be surprised at how obvious most clues were.
    For now I will just wait, and when the time is right we shall know the truth.

  7. If the image had not been circled I doubt I would've seen anything. I think I can see something but it could be a case of auto-suggestion being employed here?

  8. Ok so I have been going over "evidence" and noticed a few things, since I am of russian heritage the reverse spelling of raymond would be sounded out deomonya or demon, flip side and on that side please note usher's image is a tad bit darker complexion. On that side also there is a white undershirt showing meaning undercover is not what outward appears? When doing projects myself I want it to be perfect, interesting images do not match exactly. What is the "Raymond" for anyway, please remember I am a professional geekster so be kind, thank you.Also please note there is something written behind the smoke, behind image in smoke, if you stand above your screen and look down you can see lettering below of oblong paper, but just cannot make out what it says, also what is the paper behind the smoke reflected there? Has anyone enhanced this or even flipped it to see what the paper is or says? Anyway that is my take on it.

  9. Wait a minute, just saw Janet Jackson interview with Oprah, she was talking about Michael and Oprah says "so that's why you're having an intervention". Janet says "exactly". What!! Having an intervention, not "had" an intervention, they are talking present tense, not past! This is way long after Michael was gone. Did anyone else catch this? Whew weee! Mmmmm....