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Sunday, March 7, 2010

TMZ's "Federal Bureau of InvestigationS"

TMZ announced today that the FBI will be at the Oscars. The first thing immediately noticed is that they put an extra "S" in the word "Investigations":

The proper name is "Federal Bureau of Investigation". The below image was taken from the official FBI website (

Was the extra S intentional or just a mistake? In any event they want to bring this truck to our attention. So, of course, we examined it. Looking closely you see an interesting image in the truck (click to enlarge):

I almost see a jacket similar to this one, which interestingly is one of the "Pepsi" related jackets:

But the mind plays tricks..Perhaps it is all a Fabulous Bunch of Illusion..........


  1. Hmmm... That is rather interesting. Perhaps this is an Illusion, or perhaps this is just yet another step towards a Fabulous end. ; )

  2. In the reflection of Murray's office

  3. yes, I did notice the Dr. Murray windows..another coincidence...

  4. Hmmm...TMZ has made a habit of messing with our heads, haven't they? Could the extra "S" here be their way of alluding to the much discussed subject "pain(s)" at the memorial, amongst us BeLIEvers? I don't know...All I know for sure is, whatever their true purpose of doing this is (to mock/reinforce/sensationalism etc), TMZ just keeps rubbing me the wrong way, grrrrrrr!!!

    Much LOVE,

  5. The 'S'-thing: there has several S'es jumping around living their own magic life during the hoax. ;-)

    - PainS
    - Always great to sing with my brotherS
    - The Jack5onS (Number 5 (MJ?) *hiding* in between the other letters and pushing out the S) The Jackson 5->The Jack5onS
    - Federal Bureau of InvestigationS

    I guess there are more, but my lazy brain suddenly can't remember them. I'll return when/if I remember, if it's of any interest to anyone.

    Much L.O.V.E. - and hope and faith to everybody!
    Judith (BeLIEves)

  6. PainS -> Painkillers?
    InvestigationS & Pepsi jacket -> Investigate Pepsi?

    "A captain with the L.A. City Fire Department tells us the burns Michael Jackson suffered during the filming of the 1984 Pepsi commercial were caused by a director who wanted to get a more dramatic shot."
    "Various people connected with Jackson say the serious burns the singer suffered triggered his prescription drug addiction, that consumed him for the rest of his life."

    Now I'm not sure what that could tell us about the hoax. Maybe that, as the Pepsi incident, the hoax was a result by an incident that was not his fault but took part because of people acting in their own best interest without thinking of MJ?

    Just some thoughts...

  7. since when is the FBI at the oscars? hum...interesting..
    TMZ what are you telling us? I think I better go over there and see whats going on..

  8. Well, when I first saw this post. I was immediately reminded of "painS."

    But I can't figure out why there would be any significance... If there is any...

    Personally... I think that sites like TMZ and the Facebook/Twitter of the Dodo bird are feeding off of our suspicions and posting stuff that will make us keep wanting to see more into it. Therefore making us buy/read their products.