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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dr. Klein's Promise to Michael?

In light of the the stun gun incident that has been reported to have occurred at the Hayvenhurst Jackson family home, Dr. Arnie Klein postedt the following message on Twitter:

But the way this was worded does not fit the logic of an unexpected death. According to Dr. Klein himself, MJ was healthy a week before he passed. So why would such a promise be made? Michael was to take the kids to London and Dr. Klein was not going to accompany him there. Dr. Klein is not listed in the will as a potential guardian.

When and why was this "promise" made?


  1. If the promise were made in the context of a conversation about hypothetical situations, it could make sense. It would make sense if Michael were worried about his life being in danger from some outside source. It would also make sense if he simply knew he would be out of the picture for a while. But then if Michael were so desperate for Klein to look after his children, why wasn't he listed as a potential guardian? When and why indeed...

  2. Hey Seeing, I'm sure you noticed the name of the stun gun and it's logo was a Scorpion. Well, Kei and I remembered that scorpions lived in the desert, of cours (AKA, Egypt) ad decided to see if there was any mythology or sylmbolism to the scopion. One site Kei found said that the scorpion represents death. Another site we went on to was about Serket, the Egyptian goddess of protection against posion. This is what we found:
    In Egyptian mythology, Serket (also spelt Serket-hetyt, Selket, Selkis, Selchis, and Selkhit) was originally the deification of the scorpion. Scorpion stings lead to paralysis, and Serket's name describes this, as it means (one who) tightens the throat. However, Serket's name can also be read as meaning (one who) causes the throat to breath, and so, as well as being seen as stinging the unrighteous, Serket was seen as one who could cure scorpion stings, and other poisons, such as snake bites.
    In art, Serket was shown as a scorpion, or as a woman with a scorpion on her head, and although Serket doesn't appear to have had temples, she had a sizable priesthood. The most dangerous species of scorpion resides in North Africa, and its sting can kill, so Serket was considered a highly important goddess, and was sometimes considered by pharaohs to be their patron. As the protector against poisons, and snake bites, Serket was often said to protect the gods from Apep, the great snake-god of evil, sometimes acting as the guard when Apep was captured.

    As many of the venomous creatures of Egypt could prove fatal, Serket was also considered a protector of the dead, particularly being associated with poisons, and fluids causing stiffening. She was thus said to be the protector of the tents of embalmers, and of the canopic jar associated with poison —the jar of the small intestine— which was deified as Qebehsenuf, one of the Four sons of Horus.

    As the guard of one of the canopic jars, and a protector, Serket gained a strong association with Aset (Isis), and Nebet Het (Nephthys), who also performed a similar function. Eventually, long into Egyptian history, Serket began to be identified as Isis, sharing imagery, and parentage, until, finally, Serket became said to be merely an aspect of Isis.
    So do you think this may have to do with the hoax because of the relation to Isis?
    xo-Keita♥ & Jessica♥

  3. @Keita & Jessica - interesting analysis. We have seen the other Eqyptian symbols such as the Ankh and the possible "ISIS" connection. Scorpion is a relatively popular brand of commercial stun guns so I'm hesitant to attach too much to the name but you are thinking, and reading between the lines, and we always welcome that on this site. Thank you! -SC

  4. very good point i have to say ;)

  5. This reminds me of when Dr. Klien stated in his TMZ interview that the last time he had Michael in his office, Michael said goodbye. He said it wasn't just a normal goodbye and that he felt sad to hear him go around and say goodbye to everyone. Did Michael know something?? hmmmm

  6. I can't believe that Michael would ask a promise like that from Klein. Michael is very protective of his children. And judging by the way that Klein has acted since Michael's "death", I don't think Michael would want this man to "look after the kids". It seems to me that Klein is just trying to squeeze another drop of blood from his 15 minutes of sorry fame.

  7. Maybe that Twitter profile is not even Klein's,maybe is an imposter or something.... .

  8. lol at klowny.. he knows this is a set up, jaafar hit jermajestys hand, it was a prank..such good acting from these hoax people huh