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Saturday, January 2, 2010

MJ's SS# - Right to Privacy in Death?

Judging by what the estate's lawyers are saying, you would think yes, as they are denouncing the public view of MJ's social security number for "privacy" reasons.

But according the the FAQ of the Social Security Administration's website, , an individual's social security number becomes searchable after they die:
(click to enlarge)

However, in the estate's lawyer's letter to Joe Jackson's attorney Brian Oxman, posted on TMZ (
they firmly believe that the public should NOT have access to the SS#:
(click to enlarge)

They are protecting the SS# as if he was alive....

So does this prove that MJ's SS# was NOT reported to the Social Security death index, and that any record of his SS# in the index is false?


  1. Good point.
    I have one question-who is responsible for reporting the one's death to the SS Administration?

  2. One more question: can they release FBI files on a person who is alive?

  3. la respuesta es si cuando este es una persona que cambia de identidad y ademas estoy siguiendo este caso en particular porque espero la supuesta muerte para sacar todo esta investigacion de mike, y porque no lo saco hace 4 años cuando ya sabiamos que era inocente de abusos de menores.

  4. ok, so does Joe Jackson know or doesn't he? why is he acting as if MJ's dead by "subpoena'ing" UCLA records?

    i think nothing will come out of this. it's just another story to keep the love of my life in the news. 6 months +... when talk is dying down, another news item will catch our attention. random topics, too. but nothing reaches a conclusion. no news about the family badgering the LAPD instead.

    reminds me of what someone said..."the stories are irrelevant...the characters are irrelevant...and so, too, is the propagandist..." don't ask me who said that because i have forgotten.

    SeeingClues, i'm enjoying your observations a lot! kudos :)

  5. I notice Oxman and Weitzman are upholding the long held tradition of Red and Yellow ties on this journey.