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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Coke Connection: AEG

So we have seen TMZ post a rather crazy article regarding Michael Jackson's "Coke" addiction leading to his insomina and demands for Propofol:

Then, the Coca-Cola theme continues when the following images are released of Conrad Murray walking with his lawyer discussing "strategy", over a Coke:

Notice the Coca-Cola cup as well as the umbrella!

But why all of these Coca-Cola references? We joke about it being product placement, but is it REALLY just a joke? Check this out!! (click to enlarge)

In January 2009 Coca-Cola signed a sponsorship deal with AEG for the O2 arena!!

You can read Coca-Cola's entire press release here:

Coke Is It!

UPDATE: We received a tip from Bernadette aka "Detje" of this interesting video from Indonesia which is part of Coca-Cola's "Open Happiness" campaign. Check out the butterflies, bunnies, magic, and "Neverland-like" theme:


  1. This is the craziest story I ever heard!
    How can we take this seriously? It just shows what a farce all this is, LOL
    And it's Coke, NOT Pepsi?? LOL

  2. LOL..I just googled AEG + coca cola and the first thing I found was your blog.. IF I`m right Coca cola has also a deal with AOL.. AOL=TMZ

    bye, sunrise

  3. ♫soon and very soon, we are going to see the King♫♫

  4. @sunrise wow, Google is fast and funny how the blog is one of the top results..haha!

  5. Thrilling! Have a Coke - and a SMILE "...though your heart is aching.
    Smile, even though it's breaking. When there are clouds in the sky
    you'll get by..."

    And as you tweeted earlier today SC, Coca Cola did have a slogan back in the 80'es: COKE IS IT! (1982) -> Like a paraphrase to THIS IS IT! Coincidental and very delicious!

    I had a Coke today for sure!


  6. Hi, SC your blog appear the first on google yes, this his their respect because you are the BEST!:). So I was right on twitter, and not joking, I wrote early that this is advertising and MJ should take money. I just had a feeling is all related to advertise. haha! Now that I read from you about AEG, I believe MJ knows about sponsorship parteneriat so he has benefits from this BRAVO!
    Murray also make publicity to Coca Cola?? That is good, not him directly.. his lawyer, but the lawyer represents the Client hahaha!

    BRAVO to you also for this discovery.:)

  7. I'm not sure if I find this funny, or disturbing, or a little bit of both...

  8. @annabel Perhaps the word "bizarre" applies.. It is unheard of in this day and age to give a product "free advertising" so it makes you wonder.

  9. And the copyright of these photos is see link

    NPG = National Photo Group = Ben Evenstad

    The placement of lawyer's hand holding the cup in both of these photos! Perfect! And yes,"bizarre"!!

  10. @pepper YES, I agree, perfect placement of the cup to show the logo as if it was an official advertisement for a magazine. This by far is the strangest case ever seen, regardless of what you believe...

  11. SC, your investigating is brilliant and so are the comments from the posters here! I wouldn't have thought of how this all ties up into one neat package. Coke Is IT .... THIS IS IT!! :)) :))

  12. OMG, SC, this is WAAAAAAAAY beyond PRICELESS!!! How on earth do you keep doing this so CONSISTENTLY! :)))

    :D :D :D

    Thank you SO MUCH for doing what you do SO WELL!!!

    Bless you & MUCH, MUCH LOVE as ALWAYS,

  13. @Anonymous - thank you!

    @Z - thank you as well! :)

    Much love to all! Thank you for visiting the site.

  14. wow its getting more banana monkey by the day check out the red and gold balloons hmm

  15. WHY not AEG/Sony CONNECTION?

    Look for more here:

  16. PERFECTION: The garbage/recycling can behind Murray on second picture is also prizeless!

    I have a screenshot from TMZ - this exact article from the same date and the same headline- with another picture of Michael and different Coca Cola logo with ice on top! :-/ They changed it during the day?


  17. Forgive me but this coke story is crazy funny :)
    Thanx for posting this.


  18. I like Mike's pic. from above...he's such a joker, I can't stop adoring him

  19. And a blimp again! at 0:37. And sunflowers. :) at 1:20
    Well well.... getting weirder by the day...
    Thanks for the blog, awesome work!

  20. "Always Coca~Cola" ... I'm alive and I'm here forever

    -Slogan 2009- "Open Happiness"

    -2010- "Twist The Cap To Refreshness". (<-Are you ready for..? Lol)

  21. Thank SC!
    btw, did you notice that in the commercial, the first guy that sings, has a jacket that really looks like a MJ jacket and it also reminded me of the jackets, of the dancers, on the funeral.
    And the guy that raps also has a very Mj like outfit!!

  22. Remember the colours of the TII posters? Red & white.... same at the O2 announcement in March... white letters on red...

  23. I would love if all these 'coincidences' are explained and shown as being deliberate in a later stage. How truly amazing would that be. How media works and how we sometimes don't see things that aren't directly put in our face but are subtlety mentioned. :-)

  24. Hi, SC saw this video with Coca-Cola campaign. So many Coca Cola slogans used and all related to MJ or even Murray. I saw also the Carousel in this video, Judith mentioned on tweets about Carousel, if I remember well you said word candy. So I found this song of MJ- Carousel

    Among all mentioned by you, Open Happiness theme, appear there a Rainbow too.

    My question would be why this publicity of Cola now? The only answer I have is MJ is involved somehow. What do you think? Or what could be the purpose? Just to relate that MJ was addicted to Cola and results insomnia etc... I don't know I'm confused. But I don't think this is the reason. Would be a very stupid one.


  25. OK. I'm watching American Idol tonight. It is Lennon/McCartney night. Someone sings "Come Together" and I'm reminded of the lyrics

    "he shoot Coca-cola"


  26. Well... also Michael [years ago] representing Pepsi adds to it some sort of constitutive 'opposition perspective'... We have been witnessing the "Owning half of Sony" speeches in hoax-videos on YouTube a lot lately... I don't know how to express it. But this to me feels also like some sort of comment to everything we think we know of MJ. At least, that's how I feel. -> Like - you know - would't it have been more convenient to be addicted to Pepsi?!! ;-P

    The Coca Cola 'advertise' might be a win win situation to Coca Cola: Michael's [poor souls] haters will enjoy their Cokes more. And us beLIEvers will really enjoy it with a delightful smirk and a laugh. "Cheers!"

  27. I always see the coca cola advertisement on tv...I live in Indonesia...

  28. Awesome post, SC!

    IDk about this...
    :-S stumbled upon the pic... lol coincidence? xD

    Anyway, I still find all of these really intriguing. The best is yet to come! Can't wait!

  29. Coca-Cola,anyone?

  30. SC

    I was trying to remember the original coca cola jingle I think it had the words "Coke is what the world needs today??? can't remember the rest of the words ... so I went googling.... and found this link

    check out selection #5

    and selection #7 is the best!

  31. Coca-Cola Joins “We Are the World 25 for Haiti” Singing Campaign
    Twenty-five years ago, the iconic recording, “We Are the World” generated millions of dollars to help ease suffering in Africa. With a contemporary version of the song being released today to aid the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, Coca-Cola will be doing its part to support the cause.

    “When we heard about Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie’s incredible plan to re-record ‘We Are the World 25 For Haiti’ to benefit earthquake relief in Haiti, we knew instantly that Coca-Cola had to be involved and help however we could,” said Katie Bayne, Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola North America.

    Coca-Cola is joining forces with AEG Live, Group M Entertainment, Fremantle Media Enterprises, iTunes Store, YouTube, and Visa to help amplify awareness for “We Are The World 25 For Haiti.” Beginning February 13 Coca-Cola will use a variety of assets to encourage millions of people across the United States to tune into the television broadcasts of the “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” video and to visit to download the song and support those in Haiti.

    Downloads will also be available on iTunes, and through a partnership with YouTube, the video will be viewable on the “We Are the World 25″ YouTube Channel. Immediate donations will be made possible by clicking on the “Donate Now” button on YouTube or by downloading the song on iTunes.

    Coca-Cola will share the “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” message in multiple ways across a network of assets that have the combined power to connect with almost 25 million people, who will download and donate.

    Jennifer Hudson, The Jonas Brothers, P!NK, Miley Cyrus, Akon, Celine Dion, Rob Thomas, Jeff Bridges, Usher, Will.I.Am, Snoop Dogg, Vince Vaughn, Barbra Streisand, Enrique Iglesias and Fergie were among the celebrities who recorded the song.

    bye, sunrise ♥

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