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Friday, April 9, 2010

Behind The Curtain - O2 Camera Man

I always enjoy viewing the photos and videos that the blog readers send in, especially when it comes to looking for new things in previously discussed topics. Credit goes to DreamChild777 for sending me this photo of from the O2 conference.

In this shot you can clearly see the camera man behind the curtain.

And who is this guy? His sleeve at the wrist seems to have a curious white border. His hand is exposed but his face is hidden behind the curtain. Why so secret? And why film so low to the ground and at MJ's back? When you zoom in on the camera, it is pointing slightly up, so it doesn't appear that it was used to capture the crowd directly in front of MJ - the angle seems off.

Has anyone seen any images/video that could have been taken from this camera?


  1. Maybe they use it to film the 'audience'? :O But I will have to admit, the whole picture (when you really look at it) seems really 'sneaky' lol

  2. Of course we have; TII footage.

  3. More great investigating, SC. I don't think I have seen any footage from the O2 conference of Michael's back. It does look as if the cameraman is filming him and not the crowd. Is that a watch at the cameraman's wrist, or part of his sleeve? It almost looks like the sleeve of the jacket Michael is wearing. Hmmm...

  4. Camera man wasn´t filming Michael, was filing the crowd, panning, like scanning the crowd.

  5. Hi, SC as I know all the videos/pic. released with O2 Conf. I remember the angles of filming some are from back of audience then some lateral images. But we also saw close-up shot in CNN, Sky video and on stage near MJ was not any cameraman so I believe this was the filming made for those close-up shot.
    Why behind the curtain? so much mystery, this I don't understand. The level for this filming is very good, stage is at higher level so the camera catch audience faces and hands, as I see from this photo. I think that if a cameraman would have been on stage the angle of filming for the first row of audience was somehow down, but I suppose it's not difficult to make such a filming.
    I don't know it's strange ... behind the curtain.But all O2 Conf. it's strange for me haha, I come to get used with it. :)


  6. In the extras on the TII DVD we get some more scenes from the press conference, and we also get some scenes on Michael from behind when he's going onto the stage.

  7. Yes it's strange to do it so covertly...but I can see it was for the purpose of filiming the audience. Everything is strange with this whole why not this?

  8. reminds me of that guy with the mask .. also behind the courtains.
    with a mask like michael uses to wear..

  9. Personally I don't believe that it was Michael announcing the concerts. This person is left handed... I don't think Michael would put a fist up in the air as this person did and would not do a fist pump - just not his style. The camerman's hand/wrist it sort of looks like those bands that MJ wore... I forget their official name at the moment.

  10. @Janette: I completely agreed with you about the fist punch thing until I saw this video for the first time two days ago. Check out this most ~awesome~ MJ compilation video (Best one I've ever seen). At 1:30-1:32, MJ does the same punch with his right arm!

    But with that noted, I still don't think it was MJ at O2...

  11. I'm not a 100% sure (bane of my existence-'indecision',huh!:P) whether or not it was MJ at the O2 Arena, but something was DEFINITELY off about him (a little too cold/hard & just plain high-now that I think about it,with 'amusement', perhaps?;)) there. It didn't seem at all like the mixture of 'delicate', shy/cute/S-E-X-Y & graceful MJ we are so used to!!!

    SC, THANKS for making this post.I saw similar pictures of "the behind the curtain" earlier too & although it struck me as a little "odd", moved on distracted by the other clues & events unfolding within the hoax context. So, I REALLY appreciate reading this very much. SC, YOU ROCK BIG TIME!!! :)))

    Also, thanks to "Janette" & "Iloveyoumore" above for your most informative & 'illuminating' comments & the video link! ;) LOL :)
    Again, despite having seen that particular right handed punch MANY times before, I NEVER thought of comparing it/making the association with the 'punching thing action' from O2 announcements :O OOPS :O So, yes, it was doubly appreciated! :D
    It's VERY heartening to see how well all of us 'BeLIEvers' just seem to connect to each other on topics of interest :)
    THANK GOD, for those those among us who have an eye for clues & details & BLESS YOU ALL TOO! Where would rest of us (not-so-good-with-both,like me :P) be without the likes of you!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH :D :D :D

    SC, SC's team & fellow SC addicts, KEEP UP YOUR SPIRITS, Have wonderful days & Much LOVE to ALL,

  12. @Z Much LOVE back, 2x more. Thank you for visiting and commenting. :)