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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Red Casket"..Not Necessarily Referring To A Coffin

So TMZ is reporting that Michael was transported in a "red casket". Well, that can mean a couple of things.

For example, there is a clothing line called "Evolve or Vanish". In fact, they make this T-Shirt called "Charged with Fraud-Red Casket":

The title of the shirt also reminds me, coincidentally, of this CNN headline:

You can find the T-shirt here:

Note: This shirt also comes in just "black" if you are uncomfortable being in "red casket".


  1. Haha! I love it! Nice find, SC.

    I found this image when I Googled "Red Casket"

    Notice the big emphasis on the word "LIES" on the sign, as well as the T-Shirts that state "R.I.P. democracy" - brings to mind the public & media crucifixion of Conrad Murray prior to a fair trial...

  2. Ooooh, plus the cameraman filming the casket....ha!

  3. @Iloveyoumore That is a great find as well. :)


    :D LOL :D (I'm literally wiping my eyes here!)

    PRICELESS, ABSOLUTELY!!! 'Our world has MOST CERTAINLY come to a place & time' when WE could ALL do with some extra laughs, if only to make the 'chaos' around more bearable! ;) :D :P

    SO THANKS V MUCH FOR THIS again, SC, Iloveyoumore & good ol' TMZ too, of course too
    :D LOL :D

    Much LOVE,

  5. Also they did not use the word transported in the casket, he was ensconced. Ensconced does not mean transported. It means to settle securely or snugly or to cover or shelter; hide securely. Odd choice of word for a dead guy in a casket. :-)

  6. Maybe Michael preferred an ice-cold Beck's beer over Coke:

    I quote from the advertise:
    "Beck's gold key to open a red casket and to uncork two bottles of Beck's"

    ;-) Love