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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MJ's Influence in Ads, Real or Imagined?

Previously we had posted an "Open Happiness" commercial that was produced by Coca-Cola that contained many "MJ-related" themes, and we wondered if there could be some type of connection.
While researching, I stumbled across this ad for the 2010 Toyota Prius, which came out in May 2009:

This one also had many themes that we tie back to MJ - nature, butterflies, tinkerbell-like fairies, children emerging from flowers, similar to the waking sleepyhead Wizard of Oz "munchkins" emerging out of flowers, "armies" of people, etc.

But I had hesitated posting because I didn't see enough of a connection.

Turns out that the song being song in the commercial is "Let Your Love Flow", by Petra Haden. Interestingly enough, Petra Haden, did a cover of "Thriller":

Hmm..a little more of a connection now. Perhaps a coincidence.

Then while browsing images from This Is It, something caught my eye in the below shot (click to enlarge):

You can see the word "Toyota" in the background.

Pure coincidence, or could of MJ had an interest in "short films" to be designed for commercials and did, or was planning to work with various sponsors?

Bit o' trivia: AEG owns the "Toyota Sports Center"

UPDATE: The readers have discovered even more of a connection - Here is an article about MJ getting into a Prius limo. Interestingly enough, this article links to another about Coca-Cola adding 120 hybrid trucks to their feet.
(click to enlarge)
The article can be found here:

Thanks to the great readers for your comments and tips!!


  1. This is all very interesting. I love that commercial,always have. I think the whole thing looks like something Michael would get behind. Not to mention it is for a car that is better for the environment, which clearly Michael is interested in. I could see him getting into doing commercials.
    What connection Toyota has to all of it I am not sure, but it certainly is a coincidence at the very least.
    Now SC, you are killing me here with these hidden pictures. I really can not see it, but I will take your word for it ; )

  2. @I Am Only Human I think it depends on the monitor. On my PC's screen I can't see it well but a laptop I can.

  3. It does say Toyota. I couldn't see it at all on my desktop, but I can see it very clearly on my laptop. :)

  4. SC, you are right :) Thank you for what you find and post here. And most of all thank you for being WITH US :)

    TMZ has a short video MJ driving a Prius Toyota in year 2007- Green Culture, Hybrid, TOYOTA.

    What did I say to you? also Green Dot, Sony image.. Make Believe on the other post you have here.
    Shall I say also about MJ -Green Man in We are the World for 25 Haiti?

    But I found this, as you said Internet has all info.

    If you are interes. pls. read I didn't underst, much of this art. of March 26, 2010.
    "Mark Geragos, who has worked as a criminal defence lawyer to Michael Jackson and other celebrities, offered a speech that was part pep rally, saying Toyota is guilty of "corporate murder".

    "While some lawyers nodded in agreement, later as they swilled drinks on a hotel terrace one leaned in and predicted the scene yet to come: "It's going to be a bloodbath," he said.


  5. Hi SC,

    Adi here

    Yes - I can see TOYOTA... wow.

    This is interesting because wasn't there a short vid captured by paps of Michael coming out of a shop last year and getting into the back of a Prius? I think it was posted on one of the forums ages ago. I remember it because I have never seen Michael get into a small car such as the Prius (plus he had an umbrella to fit in too) - I am used to seeing him in bigger cars.

    I remember thinking when I saw the vid that it was a good example he set for others by using a more environmentally friendly car with lower carbon emissions.


  6. SC, with Love, L.O.V.E.

    Great readers:),... Great SC:)


  7. WOW, great work SC!! :) Now we know why Kenny always writes "TOY"..lmao!!

    bye, sunrise ♥

  8. i love your blog and findings! and it does seem like MJ's influence is in those ads... :)

  9. can anybody tell me which scene it is in the movie??

  10. Brilliant post, seeing!

  11. How complex is something actually allowed to be?????? ;-P (LOL!)

  12. There is also a Ins. company ad that uses the Jackson 5 "I want you back" song and a shoe company that uses a MJ song. Its subliminal messaging. Everywhere you turn MJ is there.

  13. You know what SC's? I was on Youtube the other day watching an MJ video...Just one of his songs.
    When I clicked on the play button an add for TOYOTA popped up..You know how adds pop up when you go to view a clip?...SO I think you could really be onto something here...Good find SC's.
    Take care.

  14. Great blog post, SC. @b.mclane You're absolutely right. I think it's Allstate Insurance also has a commercial with "I'll Be There". It always makes me cry, I'm a sentimental fool...

  15. maybe that explains why there is Toyota written:

    bye, sunrise ♥