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Sunday, October 3, 2010


This blog for a long time has had two main components, which most people would say are completely unrelated - an "investigation" site paired with writing and poems. They had lived side by side in their own "worlds".

Until now.

For the first time I am combining some original quotes to an "investigative" video. But even that is not the most interesting aspect of this video.

On this site, over the months, I have pointed out the oddities of various TMZ articles, but at the same time, over time have kept notice of an interesting trend; a coincidence that continually occurred but I had never reported on.

Until now.

I noticed that events, and even exact words in TMZ articles mirrored phrases in the bible, with the numbers of the passages matching exactly to the dates the articles were posted.

Whether or not you believe TMZ is relevant to the investigation won't matter; the eerie coincidencies at minimum may blow you away to at least realize that life can be stranger than fiction.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this mini-adventure....


  1. Thank you SC, I am once again, blown away. Will watch again later this morning when I am much more awake.

  2. SC, as always, your work is simply brilliant. Like my friend, mjsonly, I'm also blown away. Going to get some sleep then review the video again much later in the day! One can appreciate that you put much effort into making this video. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Hi, SC thank you for this video you really discover something very important in fact The Bible which as I know has a great significance for Michael, God and Faith are in Michael's heart always.
    The connection with TMZ by dates and words that is a great discovery indeed.
    I like also how you choose to start your video: Matthew 7:7, Jeremiah 9:3, Daniel 6:25 thank you.
    Your video is first one I watched more than 1 hour over and over again. And I took notices. I realize wasn't an easy job for you to make it, is elaborated work so I'm really grateful. Maybe in another post I shall write more about it. I must look deep into all.

    Thank you again,

  4. SC, I'm so delighted that you decided to expand the theme on the bible passages and make a video on it. It's actually the most meaningful investigative creation I have seen to date, period. Thank you for this beautiful gift of clarity. For those who ever doubted a TMZ/MJ connection, that will be very difficult, if not impossible, after watching this video.

  5. I loved the vid. Thanks SC.
    How do i explain myself? This is what came to me after watching "Gospel" vid:
    Death, Resurrection, Glory.

  6. "There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence"

    Officially blown away - jaw on floor :)

    It took me about 20 minutes to watch in total because I kept pausing and re-reading each part. The biblical references in relation to the dates, titles and content of the TMZ articles is incredible and shows the mind blowing planning and genious Michael put into this entire experience.

    I have never doubted the link between TMZ and MJ and the greater purpose TMZ plays in this experience. It reminds me of the purpose of TS/TIAI in this entire thing too.

    You SC, have made it clearer for everyone who may not see this.

    Thank you so much for the amazing effort you have put into this for the past soooo many months.

    Your friend,

  7. Thank you huge wonderful Work incredible!!

    A french believer / ludohoax

  8. Tú trabajo es excelente,tú puedes ver relaciones que el común de la gente no percibe.Yo me he quedado asombrada.Solamente Michael puede hacer esto,todo pensado y razonado por el genio que él es.ClaudiaBam

  9. Hi SeeingClues.

    I love your TMZ/Gospel link.

    This is what I want to know. Why hasn't anyone posted up Omer Bhatti's video "Wanna Be Startin Something", from Youtube. At 08-10 seconds, one see MJ with short hair walk into the studio. At 1:19, one sees MJ's hand. I think it is discraceful that many people don't think Omer is Michael's son. MJ said it in 2004. Joe Jackson said it in 2009, and Omer in 2010. In HIS video, we see his father walking into the studio to help him out. I also believe MJ was singing his part fresh and live to duet with his firstborn. Check it out and spread the word. MJ is hiding in plain sight. Why smouza and them try to shoot down the fact that MJ could father children is very suspicious to me. NWO like.

  10. SeeingClues, here is another clue. Some people are wondering if B. Howard is MJ's son because he sounds so much like him. He may be a Jackson, but I don't think he is MJ's son. Probably Jermaine's or Randy's, because he din't sit with the family and Omer at MJ's memorial. Look at his website, and read this found under one of his pictures if you click it. Look what's written. Genesis, Adventure, Master, Excellence, then below that there is ONE, Victorious, Entertainment, REVENGE. Oh my God. MJ is extracting revenge on the record industry for real. He is making sure all of his loved ones gets their music out there for what they did to him. He's taught them how evil and cut throat it is.