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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dr. Murray, Streetwalker captured video of Dr. Murray pushing his child in a stroller on 9/20.

Interesting note: Someone on the street shouts, "We were just in a movie!" at approximately the 54 second mark, as Dr. Murray walks on by.


  1. Whenever Dr. Murray appears out of the blue interesting occurrences take place.

  2. I wonder who Dr. Murray's friend might be?

  3. I dunno about the "We were just in a movie" deal. It sounded like someone who's never seen the paparazzi!

  4. Person with Dr. Murray appears he could be a bodyguard. Seems Dr. Murray is stalked these days just like a celebrity would be.

    "We were just in a movie" heard loud and clear -

    Funny there happened to be this camera present & filming if there were other cameras going filming a movie? Odd, could this camera be "part of the movie"

    More and more oddities in an never ending mystery which we will probably never know the answer to any of our questions or should I say explainations for the oddities.

    Great find as usual @SeeingClues

  5. Dr Murray just casually goes around without a care in the world. Does he not worry about getting attacked either verbally or physically? Which is probably why that dude is with him, looks like a bodyguard. He has black headphones in his ears. His shirt has Lion's wearing Crown's (King).

    At 7sec Dr Murray looks at camera when he is at Garbage bin.

    At 41 sec mark cameraman says something odd, so i listened more carefully this is what i heard;
    "Dr GOOD, how are you today"

    At 56 sec mark Girl yelling out "oh we were just in a movie-OMG". Why? The camera was not on her.

  6. Starting around :19 through :24 we pass a newspaper inside a newspaper machine - Can anyone tell who that is on the front of the newspaper? Anyone in Santa Monica know if that photo was on the front of the paper on Monday, Sept. 20, 2010? I'm wondering because some have asked if this was really filmed yesterday... Also, what was the weather like in Santa Monica "on Monday afternoon"?(this is how the photos are described on X17 website)Cool enough to wear a leather jacket? I saw other people wearing anything from shorts to a jacket with what looked like a fur collar...

    I'm really glad you are posting again, SeeingClues! I missed you! And your insights!

  7. Ooooh, clap clap clap, I love it! "We were just in a movie!" Thank you for this putting a smile on this girl's face yet again, SC.

    And MJJForeva, - excellent observations with both the garbage can at :07, and especially the "Dr. GOOD" reference at :41. Wow!

    Props to the both of you.

    I hope the move is as good as the preview.

    Nice to see you back in/on the saddle, SC (haha)

  8. I dont understand all this Dr Murray stuff at all,it looks all staged WHY???? how is it noone looks at him or knows who he is when he has killed the most famous man in the world. I think everything was filmed and photographed before the 25th June. I still think he is a undercover cop working with MJ and helping him get the bad guys or all this is insane.....

  9. Min.0:15,0:16 you can hear a male voice saying "very respectful" yeah..but this is said at the end of video by that bodyguard "he's been very respectful". So again we have a film montage and really looks all staged, I agree with Brandi.,_California
    you can read here Santa Monica thousands of movies have been shot here.

    Also is named here R. Chandler most famous character, private detective Philip Marlowe, frequently has a portion of his adventures in a place called "Bay City", which is modeled on depression-era Santa Monica. Philip Marlowe from Big Sleep -scenes in TII -
    Big Sleep -title is a euphemism for death; it refers to a rumination in the book about "sleeping the big sleep.
    Murray's girlfriend Nicole Alvarez is resident of Santa Monica.

    Michae Jackson in bookstore in Santa Monica

    Breaking News 10 oct. 2009 Michael Jackson Alive
    Michael Jackson was seen leaving a Santa Monica CA medical center early 3AM Saturday morning October 10,2009. He jumped into a black Suv protected by Goverment British Guards trying to block camera's view. It seemed like a Goverment British security firm is protecting his identity.He had his usual fandora hat dressed in black and surgical mask on. Pictures may come out in Youtube.Is this a government conspiracy reshape Michael's life. Stay tuned!

    What is your opinion? too many connected to Santa Monica and now by "coincidence" is seen Murray there.

    Also the papparazzi or who filmed and tried to interview Murray is not seen at all. Very strange to hear just the voice. This voice is strange too, with an accent of hispanic or even french.

    About that crown and lion in Santa Monica may be related to : LionsGate a Canadian-American entertainment company : LionsGate studios -films, music etc..

    SC, nice video :) thanks.

  10. Because mjsonlygirl asked my favorite question: "Odd, could this camera be "part of the movie", I had to see if there was a way to disprove the legitimacy of this video. SOOOO, here is the link to the youtube video I through together real fast that may go a long way toward answering her question. I hope you all enjoy it. Feel free to comment. :)