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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Michael Jackson: The Experience" Nintendo DS Gameplay Revealed

Below is a preview of Nintendo DS gameplay for "Michael Jackson: The Experience"

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  1. This looks amazing! I'm planning to get a Wii, it will be fun to share these experiences with my family, little nieces ... See the joy on their faces. :) Beyond the fun of these games, I'm also going to be able to expose them to music from Michael Jackson. A generational "teaching" moment.

  2. The DS version I would say is the "couch potato" version of the game. :)

  3. This looks crazily fun.... I am easily addicted to video games... I might have to give up PacMan and play with Michael instead. Wonder if my favorite Arcade hangout will have this game someday? My birthday is in November... maybe I'll get this for a present!

  4. Couch potato is more my style these days, but I really need exercise to stay strong! My little nieces do own a Nintendo DS, but their mom keeps hiding it from them. She's a school teacher, and can be strict, but I think some video game and music time is okay for the children. :) As their aunt it's my duty to spoil them!

  5. I'm gonna get this one :)

  6. Hmm... It's just a kind of michael jackson Elite Beat Agents... the graphics and the mapping itself seem to be poor though... And notice the the person playing is quite in rhythm and the game shows only 50s (which is the worst note before missing). no, this is just a "let's exploit michael jackson name and songs and make a crappy copy game on DS" disapproved.

  7. Hmmm I think I would wait till I see the product in the store and try it out before giving/making such a harsh review.

  8. This is a "Elite Beat Agents" clone!
    ( for the storyline)

    Ubisoft was producing the MJ dancegames?
    Elite Beat Agents is from another gamedeveloper (iNiS)