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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Smile

Flashback to the Michael Jackson Memorial, Jermaine Jackson is performing "Smile":

The lyrics state - "Smile..Though Your Heart Is Aching..."

Note, Conrad Murray is "All Smiles"...

The lyrics continue: "Smile...Even Tho' It's Breaking..."
We did receive "heartbreaking" news on January 20th..,

The "smile" theme actually began January 19th with the Jason Malachi "hacker" on the website  Note that the only items remaining from his website are his "help" message and a link to access none other than "smileys":
How coincidental.....

Well, all of this investigation makes one rather thirsty..think I'll have a Coke.  Speaking of Coke, remember these images?
When you think of them,


  1. Another amazing find. Awesome SC! By the way, keep smiling! :o)

  2. Dr. Murray's outfit almost looks like one worn previously by him last summer. Recall, “The Running Man” via TMZ. Just wanted to point that out. Of course, this is likely only a(nother) coincidence, because his clothing options seem limited!

  3. Keep up the good work, SC!

  4. Michael is a very talented man. I have not seen him playing the piano since the 80's I believe. I had forgotten that he could play the piano. I am disappointed that Michael's fans in America will not be given the opportunity to see Michael's Moonwalker in the movie theater. I would love to see it.

    As for Conrad Murray well, I guess he can have a smile on his face since he probably knows that he is not going to jail. He is also, getting a lot of media attention. I hope to see or get a clue soon as to when Michael will be back!! I can't wait!It seems like 5 years, although it is going on 2 years that Michael has been gone. I hope you are smiling Michael....

  5. Wowza SC.
    Geez how does "Dr Death" get around so carefree? And it seems everywhere this bloke goes there just happens to be a garbage bin in the picture!
    Dr Murray must really like dark blue. Oddly enough, Dark blue means-truth. The Truth Will Prevail!

  6. great post, SC!
    In this saga we have so many SMILES around.

    JANET is always smiling when it comes to speak about the death of his beloved brother!
    The SMILE of Michael alias Charles Chaplin in OPUS instead of the missing Wall mourning folder advertised by ABC canal.
    The VILLA SORRISO = in Italian it means Villa SMILE, where we had a repast after the burial on 03/09/09.

    JANET and JERMAIN are all about SMILE.
    the rest of the family speak about the DREAM, a bad dream/nightmare, they would wish to wake up from.

    God bless you SC!

  7. We will keep smiling everytime we see these commercials or ads or buy a coke. Still believing!