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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Austin Brown Wearing a BAM shirt is likely a coincidence...and the BAM probably stands for something..but still..ironic, wouldn't you say, that Michael's nephew (Rebbie's son) owns a shirt that says BAM?
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  1. What a handsome guy - and he looks so happy! No such thing as concidences - BAM!

  2. that is a Bam Margera(professional skateboarder/ star of the tv show & movie JACKASS and Viva La Bam) t-shirt put out by Element Skateboards back in 2005/2004.... Pretty much every kid in America had one(or at least every one where i live did)... It has absolutely nothing to do with Micheal Jackson. The BAM doesn't stand for anything... It's just Bam Margera's (real name Brandon Margera) nick-name because he's hyper and crashes into stuff.