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Monday, December 14, 2009

LaToya Slip Up Back in May 2009?

Paps caught LaToya in her car and asked about Michael's health, and she refuted the skin cancer rumors. But more interestingly, at around 1:06 she mentions that she is working on a project, but can't give anyone the details yet.

The only project she ended up doing was a song dedicated to the memory of her brother Michael Jackson... so perhaps that is why she couldn't say anything?


  1. She seems nervous and fidgety, too... but I suppose that could simply be due to wanting to get away from the paparazzi.

  2. i would have love to hear if she told paparazzis MJ´s favorite ice cream flavor.....remember she was at the millions of milkshakes and did an ice cream and the funds were also for a charity

  3. Is it me or does her voice tremble and she bites her lip not to start crying when she says "No, he has no skin cancer" for the second time?

  4. She was due to re-release that track before his death but had to wait for some reason. The track wasnt written for him but was just a fitting track for dedication.