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Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Is It - Group Speech At The End

Below is video footage of the final speech from "This Is It". Note that there was a videographer inside the group ring, and one outside the ring filming at a distance.


  1. yes this isn't just rehearsel footage, you can see that!
    and michael is looking to the camera a lot, like he's telling it to the people, who are gona watch it! ;))

  2. Francisca: I concur with you. :)

    Love the message. It's wonderful! Indeed, the world needs more love.

  3. Why would MJ be saying it's nothing to be nervous about? If MJ was talking to the people there why would they need to be reassured not to be nervous? More likely the message was directed at the audience. Also if MJ was speaking to the group would he not have looked around a lot more at the guys he was addressing?

  4. A bit off topic, but it really bothers me. Do you think that the dancers' accolades in the very beginning of TII were recorded on the 15th of April or after the 25th of June?
    And btw I completely agree that the speech and the whole TII was more than just a rehearsal footage.
    Hope, that one day "the truth will prevail".