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Sunday, December 6, 2009

"He Misses The Fans" - Remember This Video?

Just taking a stroll down memory lane...remember this gem of a video, when a pap asked Joe Jackson if he has a message for MJ's grieving fans? And the publicist with him says that "He misses the fans"..and Joe says to listen to her. Hmm..odd that the statement would apply to JOE??

Thought this one was worth posting in the blog as it's one of the "classics" as far as Joe Jackson interviews.


  1. Yeah, I forgot about that one. That was a big slip up. That publicist was a real ditz for saying that. How could Joe Jackson miss the fans? He has no fans. She was speaking for Michael. Michael misses his fans. We miss you too, Michael. :)

  2. That was so funny..I remember that statement...Hee hee hee..

  3. These mistakes have to be deliberate. No-one can mix their tenses up that much, can they? Obviously it must be difficult to talk about a loved one in the past tense, especially so soon but come on. This better be a hoax. It is funny to hear all the slip ups but if it isn't a hoax then I am seriously deluded.

  4. How could I not remember :) brings smile on my face every time.

    You'd think this spokesperson knows what she is talking about. Who misses who's fans? Joe has fans, really? I don't think so. So Joe misses MJ fans? Nah.. MJ misses his own fans - from beyond, and Joe somehow knows that :))

  5. I think this scene was set up. Joe Jackson asks how the paps know he would be there and the response is "it happens". No it doesn't. The dialogue is deliberately ambiguous to fuel speculation. But we know how to interpret what this really means.

  6. Oh I'm sure he loves and misses us too ;) And of course we all L.O.V.E and miss you too very much Mike :)

    Please come back soon though! This waiting is starting to drive me CRAZY! LOL!

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