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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Was Dave Dave Really on Leeza?


  1. My brain is telling me this is not the real Dave Dave on The Leeza Show. I think it was MJ in disguise as DD. It's a difficult one because we cannot see DD's arms and hands. Also when I first saw this on YouTube I did not know what DD sounded like. But this voice does sound as if it could be MJ. It was a short clip to really get enough information to know for sure. Also noticed this footage was added to YouTube after MJ's "death". Is Leeza Gibbon's in on the hoax ? Surely she would know whether this is the real DD or not as she would have seen DD's hands. You have highlighted the ears in all those photo's , I just can't tell if the ears are the same or not. People have mentioned DD's scars on the leeza show. I agree that they look not so scar like then. Maybe makeup if it is the real DD. After all he is in a tv studio and everyone is made up. But I come to the conclusion that this is MJ impersonating his frien DD. This was I believe 1996 or bit later. I do not know this for sure, only what I've read. Could MJ have practised this disguise to see if he could fool a public audience ?

  2. I think the Dave on Myspace is not the real Dave. Here you can the Dave when he was nearly 20 :

    And here at 4 min, he was actor in this soap :

    I think the Dave with blues eyes is a impostor, the real Dave is slim and have brown eyes, he don't have large shoulders.

  3. Hi SC! Have you seen this?

    Very interesting!