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Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Daves on the T-Shirt!


  1. This picture on the t-shirt of the two Daves's is funny but also confusing. I am not sure which one is which. The DD with the dark sunglasses looks like the DD on the Myspace page that has the sunglasses on. The only photo on the Myspace which I thought could be MJ was the one with the dark sunglasses on. This is the only photo that is a duplicate and also does not enlarge. The jury is out on that photo mainly because I cannot see the eyes. It also might be symbolic in the hoax. We have seen a lot of "doubles". Too many to list. I really hope this is a hoax. I'm going "round the bend" trying to understand all this. It is captivating I have to say.

  2. SeeingClues, I heard on the grapevine that Dave Dave is taking on "staff". Are you interested? Just thought I'd mention that.