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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arms - B&B Dave and MJ

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  1. I watched the "Bold and Beautiful" clips on YouTube of Dave Dave. I think it could have been Mr Jackson playing this role. I think the real DD is taller from the photos that I have seen. The person in the B&B looks the same as the person in the Leeza interview. But I think it is MJ in both these shows. I could not see the hands of the character in B&B properly. The arms also did not have tatoos like the real DD has. Then again this soap opera was 1997ish? DD probably had them done much more recently. Makeup can cover tatoos or the real DD's could be fake. Just to confuse us. The other point with the B&B is the voice of the DD character. I don't know if the voice over is the real/original voice. I did not see this programme when it aired. Could this be overdubbed more recently with MJ's voice if it was the real DD acting? Or was it the real DD voice over with MJ acting. Or was it DD all the way or MJ all the way. It is just too confusing.