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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting Off The Helicopter,,,,

Tightly wrapped...or loosely wrapped with a big knot? Feet pointing up...feet pointing down... Thick..or flat... the everchanging body in the bag...


  1. Is The "body," and I'll use that term, lightly, actually contained within a body bag? Although, white body bags do exist, it appears that one is not being used. Instead, white sheets or a sheet (in case of second body) appears to be used. I think the second body is actually a backboard wrapped in a sheet. Perhaps, the first, is one of Michael's mannequins, more or less wrapped up in sheets like a mummy! A mannequin could perhaps create the illusion of a body form.

  2. I remember watching this unfold live on tv. Seeing the helicopter fly across LA being followed by another helicopter I thought was a bit odd. Why is there a second 'copter? I bought every minute of it though. Still don't know what to think about the body under the sheet. At the time one is too caught up in the emotion of it all to look at those details. Because you see it live on the news you believe everything you witness is real and true. I certainly did. Could it all have been pre recorded and broadcast as "live". Then changes can be made to how the "body" appears?