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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A big heart...

I always found this interesting about the O2 Concert poster - MJ's heart is literally coming out of his chest..he's holding it...


  1. We know MJ has a good heart. Any real fan can see this. I don't know what this poster could mean. I will have a think about it. I've thought it. Maybe alluding to the cardiac arrest about to take place June 25th? The poster also reminds me of Freddie Kruger for some strange reason. No offence meant.

  2. This poster for the concerts is also the poster heading on the new Hoax Death Net site. Probably a coincidence. Or SeeingClues , as you like this poster so much perhaps you are running the new site? But with your Twitter, Myspace, Blog and more where would you find the time? Do you have staff?

  3. Hello,
    I do not run any of the hoax forums. My blogs, Twitter, etc. are enough for me to manage. :)