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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What If...


  1. We can certainly see your flair for the dramatic. :)

  2. It does demand attention be paid... :)

  3. awsome video, love it

  4. what does this "if" encompass? if it's only in reference to mj then it's contained and out of reach; not affecting us. and "everything" is a rather big word, encompassing the entire world which few really pay attention to.

    does this "everything" involve us at all or is this just about money?

  5. I'd like to comment purely on the production/ direction of this video. It's amazing how much talent you have in so many different artistic areas. This is a really cool and brilliantly designed video. Great dramatic effects with the mysterious smoke & spotlights. The intense music is perfectly edge-of-your-seat and climatic. I especially love the dramatic, closing flash of light across the screen at the end. Well done, friend.