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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dave Dave - Lips and Glasses


  1. The individual on the right is Dave Dave. The individual on the left I believe is MJ in disguise as his friend DD. They did a good job in fooling many people who do not pay attention to details. I won't mention eye color because DD appears to wear different colored lenses in some of his Myspace photos. The glasses look similar in style and color but it's too difficult to say for sure. Anyway I'm sure DD has more than one pair of spectacles in his possession. DD's lips do look a bit thicker but what can I tell you.

  2. SeeingClues, I'm going to ask you this here, don't know where else to put. Do you know if the full DD LKL interview is available anywhere. I did read the CNN full transcript but have not seen it. Was the entire interview even filmed. Was the unedited interview even broadcast? This is the kind of stuff I would expect a good investigator to know. Thank you.